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Many people say they understand the risks involved with tobacco use, and despite all of the available information regarding the harmful effects, there are 18.1% of the nation’s adult population (42.1 million people, 18 yrs. old and above) that continue to use tobacco products. Each day, more than 3,200 people younger than 18 years old smoke their first cigarette! (According to the Center of Disease Control (CDC))
If you’re one of the 18.1% of Americans that use tobacco, you have an increased risk of respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. Tobacco product use is the leading cause of cancer which can appear anywhere in your body! Tobacco use by women trying to start a family can experience a harder time becoming pregnant and when pregnant, can affect your baby’s health before and after birth.
Quitting isn’t easy… and that’s why the doctors at Brunswick Hills OBGYN are here to help. If you’re seriously thinking about quitting, speak with your healthcare provider to help you put together a plan to stop tobacco use.

​The following information, including the video, is provided by the CDC.

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