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an Axia Women's Health Care Center

an Axia Women's Health Care Center


Our Obstetrical Team

Obstetrical History
Once your pregnancy has been confirmed by ultrasound, one of our nurses will speak with you regarding your obstetrical history. Having this information will enable your practitioner to address pertinent topics during your pregnancy. The purpose of the history appointment is to:
                                         * Discuss the health histories/genetics of you, your family, the baby's father and his family.

                                         * Learn about prenatal screening tests

                                         * Talk about obstetrician and nurse practitioner options in our practice

                                         * Receive information about and resources for your pregnancy

Obstetrical Physical
Following your obstetrical history, we will see you for your obstetrical physical which includes an exam similar to an annual gynecological physical. We may perform all or some of the following:

                                         * Review and sign consent forms

                                         * Urine analysis and blood work

                                         * Pelvic exam

                                         * Pap smear and breast exam if indicated

                                         * We will listen for your baby's heart rate although it's completely normal not to hear it at this

                                            early stage.

Prenatal Check-Ups
After your obstetrical physical, your routine visits to our office will occur at intervals appropriate for your gestational age to follow your health and the health of your baby:

                                         * Monthly until approximately 28-32 weeks

                                         * Bi-monthly until 36 weeks

                                         * Weekly from 37 weeks until delivery; an internal exam will be performed from roughly 38 

                                            weeks until delivery to check dilation of your cervix.

                                         * Additional visits may be scheduled outside of these intervals as needed throughout your


At each prenatal check-up, we will:

                                         * Ask for a urine sample to monitor for problems

                                         * Listen to your baby's heartbeat

                                         * Check your baby's approximate growth by assessing uterine size

What to Expect from Brunswick Hills When You're Expecting...

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

 Welcome to Brunswick Hills Obstetrics and Gynecology, an Axia Women's Health Care Center, and congratulations on your pregnancy! Our practice is one of personalized and comprehensive prenatal care. Throughout your pregnancy you will be cared for by our dedicated team of obstetricians, nurse practitioners and nurses, committed to providing you a safe and comfortable pregnancy. Our focus is on creating the optimal pregnancy and birth experience for each individual. We respect the fact that your prenatal visits are a special time for you and your partner. During your appointments we will track your health and your unborn baby's health and development. We have designed our appointment schedules with you in mind - with two convenient locations, appointments can be scheduled at varied times of the day with our obstetricians and nurse practitioners. We are available 24/7 for any urgent needs that may arise during your pregnancy.

All of our babies are delivered at St. Peter's University Hospital